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Does every issue have a feature article?
Definitely--as long as the editor has received articles to print. 
So, what qualifies as a feature article?
The best way to figure this out is by checking out past issues.  If you don't have them handy, please click here for the archives.
Ok, anything else for submitting?
Yes, of course.  Regular updates from the different committee chairs belong here--more so after the annual meeting, so that they can be included in the Fall issue.  Again, check the archives for past issues.
How about job openings?
I suspect that this will be of valuable interest to students, who form a significant percentage of the APCG membership and, therefore, Pacifica's readers.  So, YES, email the Pacifica editor with this info.  But, let us not duplicate the AAG newsletter info on jobs.
How about including honors/major grants awarded?
As long as the honors are of professional relevance, it does make enormous sense to share this info with colleagues.
Will critical comments be published?
"Constructive criticism" is probably the key here.  For instance, gripes about Pacifica or the editor can be presented along with constructive suggestions that are also implementable.
So, will everything be published?
Main constraints are newsletter space, and cost of printing and mailing.  Color graphics and photos cost way more to print than B/W.  Unlike the NY Times, we do not have the finances for "all the news that's fit to print."
This is exciting.  But, when do you want us to email you articles/updates?
Earlier the better.
The deadline for the Spring issue is early/mid-March.  Yes, Beware the Ides of March :-)  The deadline for Fall?  A fortnight after the APCG annual meeting. 

More questions?  email the editor for the next update of the FAQ.