Statement of Values


I believe that everyone should be happy. That is with personal and career life. I believe that if one does not like where they are; they should find someplace else that they will be happy. When I am happy at my place of employment, then I will do my best. I will be a happier person and a better employee. If I am not happy with where I am at, then I will find someplace else. That helps an employer because they will be able to find someone that really wants to be there. I will not quit right away. I will give it some time and if it does come to me quitting, I will leave the correct way. I will but in a notice of termination and wait until someone is hired in my place.

Helping Others

I believe in helping others because it is the right thing to do. I will help anyone that needs it. I also believe in helping others in a way that they still do some of the work. I do not believe in doing other peoples jobs that they were assigned to do. I will help them with it but not do it all unless it is a good reason. For employers this is good because I will be a team player and help people get work done. People would understand their work more because they have someone helping them. I believe in helping people in the community as well even if they did make some bad choices. Everyone disserves a second chance. I enjoy doing community service.


Family always comes first. Family is the best thing for everyone. I need to make my chose on what is best for my family and me. I believe in family parties and events. That means that I must go to the birthday parties,weddings, etc. and etc. I believe that if my career is affecting my family then I plan to change it. I feel that if my family is happy then I am happy. This affects employers because I may not be there whenever they need me because of a family reason. I will not let family affect my work. I will make sure that I am there as much as possible, but my family must come first. I bet that is for a lot of people.


I believe everyone should be able to put a little individuality into their work. That is why I want to be an event planner because I have to follow what the client wants, but I can organize it the best way for me. I would not feel comfortable if I had to do things a certain way. I want to be able to put things together the way that I will be able to understand it and how other people can as well. This will help me with my career because I would understand it and also it is not the same old same old.


Everyone disserves respect. That means that we need to treat everyone how we want to be treated. It needs to be professional but make sure that there is fun. Respect other people's things and themselves. Everyone needs to be respectful of each other during conversations, meetings, presentations, in the office area and even on the street. We need to respect everyone at all times. People need to respect the person but also their families as well.


I believe that everyone should tell the truth. In one's career and personal life. If someone lies it does not help anyone. I want to work in a place that people do not lie and are truthful about their work. It does to help me to lie about something. All it will do is bring it back. I believe everyone should tell the truth. Lieing will hurt one in the end. People doing the right thing for the best for all. I will bring fairness, honesty, and professionalism to the work place.


In the work area, we should work as a team. We need to help each other out with work. I believe that one gets better work when working as a team because there is more points of view. Companies that work as a team get more work done, less drama in the work place, and people end up having more fun. I am looking for a place of employment that people work together as a team and enjoy coming to work. Places that do not work as a team are less likely to have fun, work takes longer to get done, and there is more drama.


I believe that one work should be quality over time. That means that I would rather get or turn in the best job as possible then do a sloppy job to get it done in time. One should keep time in mind but still need to get the best work done. I will always put my all into every part of my life. This will help with my career goal because my clients and boss will be happy. Then I will get bigger event, so I will get more experience. I would feel comfortable with opening my own business.


Every employer and employee should provide a safe place for each other to go to. One should feel comfortable and safe at work. As for personal life, parents should provide a safe place for their children to go to. One should not be afraid to go anywhere. I hope and will strive that my workplace and my home are safe for everyone.


I want to work at a place that is flexible. Just in case there is an emergency or I want to go on a vacation. I do not want to feel guilty for taking time off of work, not being able to make it in, or if I have to leave for some reason. I want to be able to stay home when my kids get sick or if we want to take a family vacation.