Career Goals
During College


During College

During college I want to get as much experience in event planning as possible. I can do that by helping people plan events. I am already in the Student Activities Board and I plan parties for family and friends all the time. During the summer I want to continue working with a company that has something with weddings. I plan to keep going back to David's Bridal. I am getting good experience with weddings when working there. I get to hear  all the plans of the wedding from the brides. I also am getting tips from them as well. I want to keep going to the Bridal Conventions because I find a lot of resources' there.

After College

After College I want to get a job at an event planning company in  Portland, OR. I plan to stay there until I feel I need to move on to the next  process or if my plans change. I want to be a head planner in about 5 years at the most. I also want to get a job at a hotel in their event planning team. I would do that after the event planning company.


My goal is that I get a job at the Disneyland's wedding team. I want to work there because I am a huge Disney fan and I have always wanted to work for Disney. I have always wanted to get married there, so I thought that this would be the best way to get as close to that dream as possible. If I can not have a wedding there than I want to help plan other couples weddings there. They also have the most beautiful weddings. I plan to due this in about six to ten years after I graduate, so that I can get as much experience as possible.

Event Planning Business

After I have worked at Disneyland, I want to open my own event planning business. I do not know if I want it to be in California or Oregon. I also want to do this after my kids are in elementary school or higher. I am hoping to have my own business about 15-20 years.

Bridal Shop

After my event planning company takes off, I want to open up my own bridal shop called "Loves Weddings." I want to look high in but sell dresses not as much as they would be at a high in store. I feel that ever bride should be pampered and that is exactly what I will do.