About Me


My name is Jessica Love. I am 19 years old and am from Tigard, Oregon.


Elementary School- Durham Elementary School- Tigard, OR
Middle School- Twality Middle School- Tigard, OR
High School- Tigard High School- Tigard, OR
College- Western Oregon University- Monmouth, OR
           Major- Business
           Minor- Entrepreneurship


I enjoy cooking and scrapbooking. I like to look at bridal magazine and plan weddings just for fun. I plan vacations and parties all the time even if they do not happen or are not for a long time. I enjoy getting involved and volunteer around my school and community. I love to dance and have fun. I usually always have music playing in my room. I like to go to movies. At Western Oregon University, they have midnight movies and, the money goes to a group at Western. I try to make it to as many as possible. I like to reorganize and move stuff around all the time. I like hanging out with friends and going for walks. I love to travel and someday want to go to Europe. My favorite TV shows are Biggest Loser, Say Yes to the Dress, Who's wedding is it anyways, and my first home. I enjoy office work and filling out forms.


When I was little, I played soccer and took dance classes. In middle school I was part of the student council and web leaders. I was also a cheerleader for Tigard Youth Cheerleading. In high school I was part of Key Club for two years. I did about 200 hours of community service. I also took part in the Swing Club. I was publicity officer my sophomore year. I was in OSSOM for three years. OSSOM is a group that promotes drug and alcohol freeness through the school and the community. My junior year I was Vice President and senior year was President. All four years of high school, I was part of the winter guard and for three years was in color guard. I was part of Tigard Turns the Tide in my senior year. That is a group of city officials who get together and help the community out. We worked on drugs and alcohol for that year. My junior and senoir years I was a Link Krew leader. At Western Oregon University, I am part of the Student Activities Board. We have put on multiple events. We put on comedians, homecoming, tree lighting ceremony, spirit week and dances. I am also part of the Student Enrichment Program which a group that helps one get through college. They put on programs about different things and get free tickets for events. I am part of the Leadership Certificate Program. I get point for different event that I participate in and at the end of my schooling I give a speech on how I have grown as a person. I get to graduate with honors.