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According to Anna Dewdney's website, "The most important thing to know about me, really, is that I'm a mom.

I live in Vermont with two scruffy dogs, and I spend a lot of time on the road, mostly visitng my two daughters (who attend boarding school and college!), as well as schools and libraries. I talk at conferences, adn I go visit my publisher in New York. But mostly, I spend my time at home, sketching, writing, and painting. I spend at least an houe a day in the woods, running and walking with my dogs, and I love to putter around outside, planning gardens and cutting down trees. My boyfriend, Reed, comes to visit when he has a free moment, but mostly I am by myslef, making pictures and writing stories. It's a pretty good life, and it took me a long time to get here. I've had a lot of paying jobs over the years: waitress, furniture, salesperson, daycare provider, teacher (I also drove the school bus), mail carrier (that was probably my favorite "real" job...), but throught it all, I drew pictures, sometimes for money, and wrote...although no one bought my stories until a few years ago.

I come from a family of five--mom, dad, and three girls, Tanya, Anna, and Alice. My mom is a really cool mom. She is also a writer. You may have read her book, Only Brave Tomorrows, by Winifred Luhrmann. I am lucky that I still get to spend time with my parents because they live nearby. My dad is a doctore. He reads a lot, and likes to collect books. When my sisters and I were little, he used to read to us from A.A. Milne's POOH books. Now, whenever I read to my own children or to myself, I hear his voice."

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