Dr. John C.W.V.A. Marsaglia Fall Term, 2015

Professor of Computer Science

Western Oregon University


Contact Information

·        Office: ITC 309

·        Phone: 503-838-8991

·        Fax: 503-838-8332

·        E-Mail: jcm@wou.edu


·        S-Mail:

     Division of Computer Science
Western Oregon University
345 North Monmouth Avenue
Monmouth, Oregon  97361






Schedule for:

Dr. Marsaglia                     



Office Hours Link



Appointment Scheduling:

·       If you wish to make an appointment with me then you MUST email me with the time and day you select from my Office Hour chart.

·       You need to explain the REASON for your appointment request.

·       You MUST send your email more than a day before you wish to meet.

·       You MUST also get a response from me and only me guaranteeing that your appointment will be reserved.

·       I am the ONLY one who will create my appointments.


CS121 is hosted on Moodle


CS 272 Low-Level Programming (3cr)

CS 272 Syllabus


CS 272 Grade Sheet


Individual Task #1 (not required)




CS 272 Assignment #1




On-Line Course Link:



CS 340 W Online Materials (3cr):



CS 340W Syllabus


CS 340W Grade Sheet




CS 340W Assignment #1

CS 607 Ethics & professional engineering (4cr)


 CS 607 Syllabus


CS 607 Grade Sheet





Review the “Code of Conduct” provided by the ACM. See URL below:

Code of Ethics (ACM):

ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 
Using the ACM Code of Ethics (pdf)
Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice 


There will be a discussion between two groups:

                        Group #1 Specifies that the Code is all inclusive and should always be followed.

Group #2 Agrees to up hold the Code but suggests that there are some situations when breaking the Code is allowed.

Group #1 is

Calawa, David C.

Chen, Junhao

Osborne, Solveig

Abomouti, Mohammad A.

Group #2 is

Alinazi, Waleed H.

Alkhamis, Eman K.

Alzahrani, Salman M.

Du, Jinqiang

Xu, Junnan





Additional Tools and Links:


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·        Computer Science Department Home Page

·        Western Oregon University Home Page

·        IEEE Computer Society Home Page

·        ACM Home Page

·        ACM Technews (sponsored by Gateway)

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