Dr. John C.W.V.A. Marsaglia

Spring Term 2017

Professor of Computer Science

Western Oregon University


Contact Information

A good way to communicate with me is:


Division of Computer Science
Western Oregon University
345 North Monmouth Avenue
Monmouth, Oregon  97361


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Dr. Marsaglia                  



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Appointment Scheduling:

§  If you wish to make an appointment with me then you MUST email me with the time and day you select from my Office Hour chart.

§  You need to explain the REASON for your appointment request.

§  You MUST send your email more than a day before you wish to meet.

§  You MUST also get a response from me and only me guaranteeing that your appointment will be reserved.

§  I am the ONLY one who will create my appointments.





CS 121 Materials (ONLINE):










CS Materials (ONLINE):

Moodle  with lecture Monday 10-12 ITC 211




Film Review Format


CS 161 and CS 161 Lab

Refer to MOODLE page for resources, dates quizzes and syllabus. All course related information.







Additional Tools and Links:

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