Dr. John C.W.V.A. Marsaglia Winter Term, 2016

Professor of Computer Science

Western Oregon University


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Division of Computer Science
Western Oregon University
345 North Monmouth Avenue
Monmouth, Oregon  97361


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Dr. Marsaglia                     



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Appointment Scheduling:

§  If you wish to make an appointment with me then you MUST email me with the time and day you select from my Office Hour chart.

§  You need to explain the REASON for your appointment request.

§  You MUST send your email more than a day before you wish to meet.

§  You MUST also get a response from me and only me guaranteeing that your appointment will be reserved.

§  I am the ONLY one who will create my appointments.


IS 625 Materials:


IS 625 Syllabus


IS 625 Grade Sheet


IS Project #1 Groups




IS 625 Assignment 1

IS 625 Assignment 1 Key

IS 625 Assignment 2 Key





Preparation for Quiz #1 on AGILE terms and phases and problem solving.

(See references 1 and 2 below for help in AGILE).



IS 625 Quiz








#1 Agile Reference


#2 Agile Project Diagram


#3Agile Sessions (Animated Tutorial Videos)















IS 641 Materials:


IS 641 Syllabus


IS 641 Grade Sheet


CS 641

Project Meetings/Thursday



D. Calawa



C. Izsak



C. Mears



Y. Hu



D. Mo






V. Monogna












Week- by – week Assignments:

Course Schedule Week Activities Work #1, Tuesday Jan. 12th.


Start an individual exploration of possible topics; discuss brainstorming; how to have a discussion of good topics and examples; expectations for the project.


·       Choose at most  2 possible topics


·       Further topic exploration; present your topics to the class; discuss specific project topics (positives and negatives).




Course Schedule Week Activities Work #2, Thursday January 21st.

Start accumulating your references for your project. Start to assemble these into your Bibliography. These initial resources should provide both Information and Background for your task. These are important to include so that individuals that are not well versed in the area can gain some foundational knowledge.


Course Schedule Week Activities Work #3, Thursday January 28th.

Research topic; students present their ideas about the project and what it entails; review of literature/previous and related work.









Research Paper Outlines

       #1 Outline

       #2 Outline

       #3 Outline URLs







IS 641 FINAL Draft Documents Required






IS 675 Materials:



Currently there are no scheduled meetings on Thursdays.


·      For now, you should begin the task of collecting resources and start creating a bibliography for your project. If you are not at that stage in your degree the send me an email for a topic assignment. I will give you information about the next task and the due date on Tuesday Jan. 12th.

·      The task for the term will be to develop a bibliography for the project you are crafting in the IS641, IS 642 sequence.



·      To start with provide an overly detailed section of references for Information and Background relating to you project.

Due January 16th before class time.


·      A first “DRAFT” of your references.

Due February 4th before class time.



·      Add a “strong” section of references which provide the necessary information to the reader so that they can understand your proposed enhancement.

Due February 19th by class time.


·      Provide some additional references which  describe and identify other disciplines that will be impacted by your project when realized. These include both positive and negative impacts.

Due March 2nd by class time.








Additional Tools and Links:

·        WOU Final Exam Schedule 

·        Virginia Tech University Online Tutorials

·        Computer Science Department Home Page

·        Western Oregon University Home Page

·        IEEE Computer Society Home Page

·        ACM Home Page

·        ACM Technews (sponsored by Gateway)

·        java code conventions (SUN)

·        MSDN Alliance DreamSpark

·        History Timeline

·        Job Site