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November 17, 2005

Area theaters

Being a film studies minor (and film studies faculty!) means always being able to justify going to the movies. But, where to go? The following are links to Monmouth-area theaters.

Regal Entertainment Group owns the area's major corporate theaters. There are two in Salem and one in Corvallis. The Regal 9th Street in Corvallis is an older theater that tends to run fewer big movies and more smaller and "artful" films. Get information about Regal showtimes at Fandango. If you search on Monmouth's zipcode, 97361, you will get Corvallis, but not Salem theaters. To get Salem theaters, search on the city's name or a Salem zip.

Monmouth's zipcode will also turn up results for the two Dallas theaters: The Fox and the Motor Vu Drive In. These theaters are locally owned and operated, but generally show first run and major Hollywood releases.

Both McMinnville and Corvallis are home to theaters owned by smaller corporate chains. These are Carmike's in Corvallis and McMinnville Cinema in, well, McMinnville.

Salem, Corvallis, and McMinnville all have locally owned theaters that feature smaller, independent, and foreign films. These are: Salem Cinema, the Avalon and Darkside (Corvallis), and The Mack (McMinnville). Salem and McMinnville also have theater pubs that show a variety of movies. They are the Northern Lights Theater Pub and Moonlight Theater respectively.

On campus, while classes are in session, you can see major Hollywood releases, and sometimes not so major releases, on Fridays and Sundays in the Werner Center.

I encourage everyone to seek out a variety of movies. The more you see, and the greater the diversity, the more you'll come to appreciate and understand the power, beauty, and significance of film.

Posted by hustons at November 17, 2005 10:50 AM