Corvallis, Oregon, USA Street Art   Shaun Huston

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Program in Film Studies

Western Oregon University

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Office: HSS 217
Phone: 503.838.8296

Finals Week Office Hours

T 10-1
F Mid-morning to mid-afternoon
Remember, to count towards winter grades, work must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Friday 3/20. Consult individual assignments for specific deadlines.

News and updates:

  • Spring 2015: Syllabi for Spring courses - GEOG 107H, GEOG 207W and GEOG 495W - are available via Current Courses. Note that these pages are works in progress and may not be fully functional. Expect changes up through the first class meetings.
  • Winter 2015: The syllabi for GEOG 420 and GEOG 435/535 are now accessible via Other Courses. GEOG 107 has been changed for Spring. Feel free to contact me if you cannot find or access a page that you want to view.
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Created by Anne-Marie Deitering and Shaun Huston. Photos Shaun Huston.

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