Gallery: A collection of Artifacts of Effective Teaching Skills

This collection currently focuses on technology skills because they are the easiest to display in a digital format. As my portfolio grows, it is my hope that more diverse artifacts can be added, to include video of my classroom instruction and examples of students' works, that will highlights other effective teaching skills that are more dynamic and human in nature, like the way I relate to students, the way I create an enthusiastic and positive learning environment, my use of multiple learning styles, project based curriculum, and open-ended assessments.









Online Class Construction/Delivery

An online astronomy course designed on the moodle platform. This course could be used in a high school astronomy course or an introductory college course.

moodle page

Construction of Web Resources

A motivational video. Possible uses: Copyright instruction, team sports


Reflection video on the book Everything Bad is Good For You by Steven Johnson. Possible applications: media literacy unit


Newton's Law Prezi for a physical science class

Reflection on The Shallows by Nicholas Carr. Possible applications: media literacy class

Two podcasts constructed using Yodio. The first podcast is designed to be used as an example for a freshman science class as part of their Scientist Minute Lesson. The unit and podcast could also be used in a middle school general science course. The second podcast is for a middle school life science course. It identifies trees in a local park, so students can visit the park on a personal field trip and practice their tree identification.


Publishing and Design Applications

This sample newsletter was designed using photoshop for the banner and Adobe Illustrator for the design.

sample newsletter 

Slide designed using photoshop.


Instructional Design

This is a unit on the American Food System designed around the learning objectives, learner needs, and resources available. The unit could be part of a high school health class or a community learning project for adults. The design focuses on the use of formative assessment and open-ended summative assessment and a variety of learning presentations.

Exploring America's Food System