Unit 2: Ethics and Action Research

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Unit title: Ethics and Action Research

Unit Overview:

In this unit, we'll be discussing two critically important topics - ethics in research and launching an action research agenda. Each of these are huge topics that could span an entire class but... we're going to take a crash course in both and, in particularly, imagine how these two issues (ethics and action research) intersect.

Unit Assignments:

First, spend time reading and exploring ethical issues in research at Mark's ethics in research page. Take your time and visit all the links - lots of good stuff here!

When you're done, answer this question and send it to Mark via email by midnight on Sunday, July 8th.

Second, read the chapter 9 on Action Research - found in the library. It is a short chapter that lays out the goals of the action research movement. After you've done that, also read this paper. It is an amazing little paper that talks about why teachers ought to be more concerned with education research. Did you notice why I think it is amazing?

When you're done here, answer this question and send it to Mark via email midnight on Sunday, July 8th.