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Learning theory intro: (all required)

Social development intro: (all required)

Greetings everybody! These classes are very easy to navigate if you read all the information provided. For example, syllabi are found at the home pages for each course - assignments, due dates, expectations... are all spelled out for each class. Be dilligent and timely and everything will work out well! -MG

*The navigation bar above is available on all middle level course pages. If you are only taking one of these courses, pick the one you are enrolled in and begin working through the on-line units.

*For ED 670 Middle Level Curriculum, it is recommended that you work through the required unit 1 (working from left to right) before selecting two of the optional units to complete the course.

*For ED 671 Middle Level Learning, complete unit 2 before you start work on unit 1. I know, I should re-order them but I didn't... sorry. Just complete unit 2 first or the timing of assignments and so forth won't work out well.

*Course syllabi including assignment descriptions can be found at the course homepages in the first row of the navigation bar.

*Link to Moodle for discussions only as appropriate within each of the units.

*I recently found an important report on what works in middle schools - it is a large file but is worth taking a look! Click here to download it.