Presentation Experience Guidelines

This activity allows students to use a group to develop a group activity to teach other groups about groups. The leadership of a classroom experience is an opportunity to learn how to organize material, develop plans, guide a group through an activity, and evaluate the process. Your group will need to organize itself to work through the following steps:

1) Assignment of a chapter in the text: The chapter will be your topic.

2) Task: Your group's task is to develop the material and activities in the chapter to provide an opportunity for the class to experience the concepts discussed in that chapter. See pages 66-68 of your text for guidelines in developing and presenting your chapter.

3) Group meetings: Time will be provided in class for some of the meetings that you will need to fulfill your task. Additional time may be needed outside of class. Be sure to obtain names and phone numbers of all your group members.

4) Feedback: The leadership experience will be evaluated by those who participated via an evaluation form distributed at the end of the class session.

5) Observation of task group process: This small work group experience is an integral part of your learning about how small task groups operate. You are to observe the process of your group and keep notes as the group evolves.

6) Group Self-evaluation Report: Each group will prepare a written self-evaluation report after the completion of the experience.

In-class leadership activity is due on the day the topic for your group is scheduled. Fifty points are possible for each in-class activity.