Individual Self-Evaluation of Group Experience

In addition to the group evaluation, each member of the group is to prepare an individual self-evaluation of his or her experience. This self-evaluation is to include:


1) Copies of all of the required self-diagnosis forms


2) A description of your behavior in the group:

a) Describe your past behavior in groups (use your self-diagnosis forms as the basis of your description).

b) Describe your behavior in this group. Note and discuss any significant differences from past group behavior.

c) Describe how you would have preferred to behave in this group, but didn't.

d) What deterred or prevented you from doing what you preferred?

e) How you might have improved you contribution to this group?

3) A description of your perception of the level of performance of your group in the leadership assignments:

a) How did your actual experience(s) differ from your expectations?

b) How does your evaluation of your groupís performance compare with the class evaluation?

4) Describe in detail your task and maintenance behaviors in the group. How did your task and maintenance behaviors compare with that of the

    others in your group (See pages 187-188 for a list of these behaviors)?


5) Describe in detail what you would do differently if you were to begin the entire experience over again.


6) Other comments.


6) Turn in your self-diagnosis forms with the paper.