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Career Goals

During College:

I would like to keep my GPA higher than a 3.5, and this year I am running for Judicial Board Administrator, I would like to win this positition in the spring. Before I leave I want to run for the Vice President position as well. I want to contiune to work in my major getting as much experience as I can before leaving. Possibly transfer Junior year to University of Oregon, or Oregon State University. Contiune to be invloved with community service at home and during school to help add to my resume.

After College/Masters:

Get into Masters program, somewhere in Oregon, Willamette University is my number one choice currently but I do not want to limit myself. I want to get married after college as well. Hopefully gain a job before leaving my masters program so I can be set for the future.

Beyond School:

Teach somewhere I want to settle down, Portland or surroudings possibly seattle area. Get a job teaching Marketing, become a coach of volleyball and softball teams at the school, maybe debate or DECA as well. Be involved with my students and hopefully have 2 kids!


2010-Run for Judicial Administrator of WOU

2012- Run for VP of WOU

Get accepted into MA program

Have summer jobs

Graduate in 2013




Finish Masters program in Teaching

Find a job in Portland/ Seattle area

Get married after college

Settle down with family (hopefully)



2015 and beyond:

Have two kids

Be coaching: softball volleyball, DECA, Debate (some not all)

Community involvement

Have steady job that I love!




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