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Debate Department Award:

I got this award senior year, it is a award to the hardest working team member and the one who helped the team the most over the last four years. This shows I have good communication skills after being in debate for four years. I had a lot of experience talking infront of crowds and learning to be myself.

Junior Youth Group Leader:

Last fall I stated a junior youth group for kids ages 11-14, our community focuses on youth and children but in the middle get left out often. We tried to make this is safe place for them to talk about there problems and have fun with kids there age. Right now it just happens during the summer months when I am home but it is something I always look forward to.


I was captian of my school's volleyball team for 3 years and was a supportive member of our team. I also won Most Valueable Player my Senior year and the Hardest Working Player Award my junior year. I loved playing volleyball and loved all the amazing friends I made playing.

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