Hamster Introduction

Hamsters are great for first pets. They are low-maintance and easy to take care of. They are also cute and fuzzy, which everyone loves.

In this website you will learn all sorts of information about hamsters. How to take care of them. The cages they need and what kind of food you should use. Also where to buy them and about their history. When they were first known of, what they were used for and what they are used for today.

When you are looking for a hamsters you would like to know what breed you would like to get, since they different in many ways. There are Syrians, Cambells, Siberian, Robovorski, and Chinese. There are a few more breeds of hamsters but these ones are easiest to take care of and the most common as pets.

When there's hamsters you should have fun with them and the last link is Hamster Fun. Which you can explore hamsters in games, poems and all other ways of fun.

Enjoy :)