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How do I access the Terminal Server?

From "Home", go to "All Programs" in your "Start Menu", then to "Accessories", and look for "Remote Desktop Connection". It also might be in the Communications submenu under Accessories. If you don't see it in either place, or you are on a Mac, contact the Service Request Desk ( 503-838-8925 or ) for help getting a Remote Desktop client downloaded and installed. If you do see it, click it; this will pop up a small dialog box.

To connect to the terminal server, enter "".

Click the Connect button at the bottom of the dialog box. If all goes well, you should see the screen turn dark blue, and show a small, light-colored, beveled-edged, control bar at the top. You should see a login box; fill in your account username and password. After that you will see the desktop of the terminal server, and you can do anything just as though you were sitting at a computer on campus.