This email is intended for all students and advisors of students who are getting a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree or need to take any MATH class at a level above 105.

If you have completed the math requirement for your BS degree and all of the math you need for prerequisites for other courses, you may ignore the rest of this email, otherwise be sure to read this entire email as we have an exciting class that may be for you!

Part of the graduation requirement for students getting a Bachelor of Science degree is to take at least one math class at the level of MTH 111 or above. All students in the education program need to take a series of math classes beginning with MTH 211. These classes all have pre-requisites, but the pre-requisites can be met by an appropriate score on the WOU placement test. Often students find themselves in a position where they need to take a class, but don't achieve the appropriate score on the placement test and thus have to take MTH 70, 95 or other classes before enrolling in the class they really need.

The mathematics department is pleased to announce the pilot of a new course aimed to better prepare students for their math classes and placement test.  The class is called ALEKs Prep (CRN 21680) and will be starting this term.... yes, half way through the term.  The course will start Monday next week (February 11th).  We will also offer the course twice next term. One section during weeks 1-5 and one section during weeks 6-10.

Course Details:
The course is heavily computer based.  It will use a software system called ALEKs that will assess what the student already knows and then focus on the concepts that the student needs to learn and develop mastery. At the end of the course a student who worked hard will almost certainly do better on the WOU placement test. Placing higher on the test is not a guarantee of the course, a student must work hard, but the harder the student works, the better they can do.

The course is a 2-credit course that will meet for two hours 3pm - 4:50pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, beginning Monday, Feb 11th through the rest of the term (including finals week). 

The course is self-paced, but a mathematics instructor will be present at all times to help.  Students can learn concepts at their own pace, and focus on the ones that they need the most help on.  This means that a student who was placed incorrectly too low might be able to knock through multiple courses worth of information (for instance, a student from MTH 070, may be able to build themselves up to test into MTH 95, 111 or even higher).

1.  The course will be graded Pass/No-Pass based entirely on attendance (so the student can truly go at their own pace without worrying about how assessment will affect their grade)
2.  Because the course is a zero-hundred level course (also because it is Pass/No Pass), it will not affect the student's GPA

Target Course Audience:
1. Students who need to take MTH 111 or higher, but placed too low via the placement test. One example: Suppose you want to graduate this spring, but need MTH 111 and tested into MTH 70. The normal path would be to take MTH 70 in the spring, followed by MTH 95, then MTH 111. This delays graduation by 2 terms. However, if you enroll in the ALEKs Prep course and work really hard (it is self-paced), then at the end of the term you may be able to place into MTH 95 or even MTH 111. (not a guarantee)

2. Students with a really weak math background and find MTH 70 material too difficult or just want a refresher on basic math. This course could prepare you for MTH 70.

Special Offer for this term* (see details below):
3. If you are currently enrolled in MTH 70 or 95 and find yourself way behind (e.g. you think you might fail and have to retake this class), then you can drop that class with NO PENALTY (grade or financial (this term only)) and enroll in ALEKS. The prep course will help fill in the gaps you are missing and better prepare you to take the class next time.

4.  If you are currently enrolled in MTH 70 or 95 and find yourself really bored, then then you can drop that class with NO PENALTY (grade or financial (this term only)) and enroll in ALEKS. The course can focus only on the concepts you need to re-learn, and then you may test into a higher course for next term.

* If you are dropping from a MTH 70 or 95 Class into ALEKS, please note the following:
a) It should be noted that MTH 70 and 95 are 4-credit courses.  If you drop this course and switch to ALEKs Prep (2 credits), you will want to consider how that will affect your credit load, and if that will affect your eligibility for financial aid, sports, enrollment, etc.  Again, the course will be graded Pass/No-Pass based entirely on attendance.
b) For this term only we've worked it out a deal with the Registrar's Office and the Business Office:

If you think this might be for you, please register ASAP so we can enough people to run this pilot course.

 For further questions, please contact Avery Cotton ( or x89708) or Cheryl Beaver (; x88404)