Math 392
Dr. Matt Ciancetta
Fall Term 2013

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Coursepack: A coursepack for Math 392 will be available a wee or two prior to fall term at the WOU Bookstore.

A scientific calculator with at least the capabilities of a T. I. – 83 is required for 392. A T. I. – 83 or 84 is highly recommended.  Note: The WOU Bookstore sells and rents calculators

Algebra Pieces : Purchase or borrow. See the class syllabus.

Free Math 392 Tutoring: See the class syllabus.
A Green Approach to Paper Use

Please refer to your course syllabus and course schedule electronically.

The syllabus is posted above and will not change--you can access it here any time you wish to refer to the class policies.

The homework schedule is posted in Moodle and us a work in progress and will change; refer to it regularly and do not print--you are likely to end up with an out of date version if you print.

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