Moodle Upgrade

To all faculty and staff using Moodle (

Exciting changes afoot! We're upgrading to Moodle 2.2.3 as of September 1, 2012. This is WOU's official online learning management system, where you can share resources, engage in online discussions, and offer online quizzes in a password-protected environment. Not only will you have access to many new features (conditional release of activities, an improved text editor), but we've also customized the look and feel of it to better match the WOU brand.

Although the current version of Moodle will be used through summer term, the new version of Moodle is available now for development of Fall term classes and beyond at

We would have preferred to transfer all courses to the new Moodle en masse, but technical issues made this problematic. Plus this gives us an opportunity to weed out hundreds of courses (and gigabytes of data) that are no longer active. Fortunately, transferring courses seems relatively painless. If you're familiar with how the backup/restore process works in Moodle, you are welcome to do it yourself, but I am also happy to assist. Simply drop me an email with your list of courses and I'll add them to my list. If you want to do it yourself, first login at, then drop me an email. I'll bump up your access so you can do it yourself, as well as point you to a brief video tutorial on how to do it.


1. Do I have to copy all of my courses over now?

No. The old Moodle will remain as an archive indefinitely. The Web address will change to down the road, but we'll let you know at the appropriate time. For now, just focus on your Fall 2012 courses. Again, I'm happy to do this if you let me know which courses need to be copied.

2. Will there be training available?

Yes. There will be a number of workshops offered over the summer and into early fall, as well as updated online resources. Stay tuned for more on that front.

3. I'm getting a weird security warning when I login. Should I be concerned?

It is safe to click past this. This is temporary until September.

4. Can I start using new Moodle for summer term?

No students will be loaded on the new site until September 2012. This is to keep things as clear for our students as possible.

5. The address won't stay, will it?

No. Eventually "" will point to the new Moodle site, and the portal will also link directly to it.

6. I haven't used Moodle before. Is it too late?

It's never too late. This term alone, we had 419 course shells created and populated with students, but there's always room for more. Whether you simply want to put your PowerPoints online or you want to have a fully robust online course, I'm happy to help. Drop me an email to get started.