Important Moodle Reminders

Since there's been a few changes to the way we handle the Moodle classes, and because there are so many new folks starting to use Moodle (about sixty of you attended one of the four recent Moodle workshops), I thought you could use a few reminders:

1. Don't forget to enter the CRN for your course. This should be entered in the Course ID box in your Settings menu.

2. Students are now automatically loaded by CRN. You no longer need to give them the enrollment key. This will happen at 2 a.m. on Monday and then every night for the next two weeks. When they login, they will simply see the courses pop up on their WOU Online homepage. They just click the course link and away they go. Important: If you do not enter a CRN, your students will not be automatically added to your course.

3. You must still enter an enrollment key (also found in the Settings menu); otherwise any student in the system will be able to enter your course.

4. The Online Classes page has been updated to help students. If they're having trouble getting in, please direct them to this page:

Scott Carter is an Instructional Technologist at Western Oregon University. You can find out more about him at his main website.

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