Spring Moodle Update

With summer almost upon us, it seemed about time to do an update an all the exciting things happening with Moodle:

1. Beginning summer term, all courses in Moodle will be automatically populated with students a day or two before the term is scheduled to begin.
What does this mean for you? It means you must now enter the CRN in the Course ID field located in the Settings menu. The box looks like this:


The script which adds students from Banner will most likely run nightly for the first week of the term. Students won't need to enter the enrollment key, or course password; instead, they'll just see the course show up under "My Courses." Still, it's a good idea to have an enrollment key to prevent unregistered students from getting access to your course.

2. We've added a patch which allows instructors using Examview to import questions into Moodle, which wasn't working before now. If you're using Examview (which is a separate program you have to purchase), please contact me.

3. If you're interested in adding video to your Moodle courses, we've added several Flip Video cameras for checkout in the Technology Resource Center. These cameras record directly into mpeg format, which can make creating Flash videos -- the easiest way to put video files in your online courses -- much faster than it was with the MiniDV cameras. The only drawback is that these cameras can only hold up to an hour of video before the file(s) must be downloaded. The quality, however, is excellent.

If you have questions on any of this, or would like to learn how to create videos for your Moodle courses, please contact me.

Scott Carter
Instructional Technologist
503-838-8848 | carters@wou.edu