Creating Quiz Questions for Moodle - an Excel tool

A couple of you have asked about this, so I thought it would benefit all of you . . . For those of you doing online quizzes with Moodle, I've found an Excel spreadsheet you can use for creating questions. It has a built-in macro that will put the quizzes in the proper GIFT format. It was developed by a guy named Jeff Sherk, and he made it available to everyone -- the nice thing about open source software. You can find the files here:

There's two files you need -- the Excel2GIFTv1.1.xls Excel spreadsheet, and the Excel2GIFTv1.1_Instructions.rtf document. The instructions seemed fairly straightforward, and everything worked when I tested it, but if you have questions, please let me know.

Of course, you can always create questions within Moodle itself, but this is a tool some of you might find useful.

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