Upgrading WOU Online / Moodle

Just a quick note to let you know that we're using the break between terms to upgrade Moodle to the latest version, which fixes many little issues and also makes some improvements. A few of the features may look slightly different. The biggest fix is that the "course backup" feature now works. In addition, when you use the "Restore" tool, you also have the option of restoring the course to a new course shell rather than copying over the old one (as long as you have course creator access). For those of you who want different course shells when you teach a course again, this is a nice feature.

You can also delete courses now. On the WOU Online homepage, you should have a "Courses" link under Site Administration. If you click that, you will see a listing of all the courses. Any course you have created, you have the ability to delete by clicking the "X" next to it.

We're having a few issues with things displaying properly in Firefox, but we're working on that, and should have it resolved quickly. Internet Explorer seems fine so far.

You can go on working on your courses as usual. If you notice anything amiss, please contact me. I'll be off-campus from December 22 - January 1, but I will be checking my email daily.

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