WOU Online: How to Create Your Course

For Instructors New to the Moodle Environment:

Currently, if you want a new Moodle course shell, just email me, Scott Carter, at carters@wou.edu. Please give me the full title, the CRN, and your preferred enrollment key (course password). When the course has been created, I'll email you to let you know. You will have "teacher" access to your course, meaning you're all set to start working on it. When it's ready, all you have to do is give your students the address (http://online.wou.edu) and the enrollment key. You can also change this enrollment key at any time.

For Instructors Familiar with the Moodle Enviornment:

You can, of course, follow the the same steps outlined above if you wish. I'm happy to go on creating courses for any instructor.

However, if you get to the point where you'd like to create your own courses without waiting on me, then I'm happy to give you "course creator" access. Just contact me (caters@wou.edu) and we can discus it.

Assuming I've given you this access, here's what you do:

1. Login to WOU Online (http://online.wou.edu).

2. Under "My Courses" on the left, click on the "All courses" link.

3. Scroll to the bottom and click "Add a new course."

4. Change the category to the appropriate category for your course.

5. Type the name of your course. Follow this protocol: Let's say your name is John Jones. If the name of your course was ENG104: Introduction to Literature," the CRN was 12345, and you were teaching it in Fall 2007, then you type the following as the full name: "ENG104: Introduction to Literature (Fall 2007, Jones, CRN12345)". Short name would be ENG104_Jones_12345". This makes it as easy as possible for students to find it. We realize that this method may not fit all circumstances, but if you have questions, just contact me.

6. The rest of the options are customizable, and you'll have to experiment with them. However, you do need to assign an enrollment key. This is the password you will give to students that allow them access into the course. When they login to WOU Online, and search for your course under the appropriate category, it is the enrollment key that will allow them in.
Please note: To make these courses as easy as possible to find for students, we reserve the right to rename them to follow university standards. You would be informed of any such change.