Instructions for Students Using WOU Online

A couple people have asked me for instructions to give to students who are using WOU Online. Here's a basic template which you can modify for your own purposes . . .

Your course uses WOU Online, an online course management system. Here's how you use it:

1. Once on the Internet, go to

2. Click on "All Courses" on the left. Click on the the appropriate course category for your course.

3. Find your course link and click on it.

4. If you haven't already, you will be asked to login. In almost all cases, your login and password is the same as your WOU network/email login and password. If you don't know this information, visit the Account Lookup page ( If this fails to work, call Computing Services at 503-838-8925 or stop by their help desk in IT009.

5. In almost all cases, you will be asked for an "enrollment key," or password, for your course. If you don't have the enrollment key, you need to contact your instructor. If you're not sure how to contact your instructor, try the WOU Search page:

Once logged in, consider clicking on your name in the upper right and updating your profile, adding in some information about yourself. You can even upload a picture, if you like. This information is not available to anyone outside your course.

If you have problems accessing the course content, please contact your instructor first. If your instructor is unavailable, or if you have questions about the WOU Online system itself, please contact Scott Carter, WOU Online's technical support, at or 503-838-8848.

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