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WebCT Tip: How to backup a course

A quick tip on backing up your courses . . .

Many of you using WebCT may have noticed that your student data from courses several terms old disappeared over the summer. Because our license fee is based on how many students are in our WebCT system, we can't leave old student data in the courses indefinitely. Generally, student data will be removed if it is more than three terms old. (This does not affect your own content -- just student postings, assignment submissions, etc.)

However, you *can* backup your own courses, and I recommend you be doing that on a regular basis anyway. This not only allows you retrieve old student data should you need it, it also allows you to restore courses should something go wrong. Here's how you do it:

1. Click on Control Panel.
2. Click on Manage Course.
3. Click on Backup Course.
4. Click on Create Backup.
5. Enter a short description. (If you have multiple backups, this can help you determine which one to use.)
6. Click Create.
7. Click Continue.

Your course backup is now available. The title is based on the day you created the backup, and your description is listed as well. Should you want to restore it, do the following:

1. Return to the Course Backup area following the steps above.
3. 2. Select the bubble next to the backup you want to restore.
4. Choose one of the options on the right as to *how* you want to restore your course. Remember, some of the options listed will override any of the current student data in a course, so be sure that's what you want to do.)

Any questions, let me know.

First Post

I'm not sure how often I'll post here, but I wanted a place to post tips, techniques, and news related to the work I do here at Western Oregon University. Mainly, this will be an archive of emails I send to the Teaching Online listserv so that I have Web pages I can point people to should they need the information.

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