A Math Art Poster Story from Valencia, Spain

The Cayley Quilt / Math Art Posters featured on this page are designed and created by a group of fourth graders in Valencia, Spain at the American School of Valencia. Their teacher, Ms. Cindy DePoy, integrated the Cayley Quilt lesson in a math and science module. This module was so successful that Cindy's students won the 2003 grand prize in a contest sponsored by the Global Virtual Classroom. In this contest the students exclusively used educational math and science freeware they found on the Internet.

These students enjoyed using the online Java Cayley Quilt Maker Applet and then made a series of beautiful full size posters to decorate their classroom and school.

Here is what the fourth graders said about making the posters:

Math Art

One day Ms. Cindy told us to design four different shapes. She said to make them bright and simple. Then she told us that we needed to make a four hour clock and add numbers on it. We put the results into a table. Then we gave each shape a number from one to four and put the shapes in the table. We had a nice design.

Another day, we tried the same thing with the twelve hour clock. We used it to add, and then we made a table. Once we wrote in all the numbers, we put shapes in each square. We repeated our design four times. If we did it wrong, we needed to start again. Then we stuck the four on white card, but we rotated each one to make a new pattern. We loved doing this project, although it took a long time.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the hand drawn Math Art Posters created by a group of energetic fourth graders at the American School of Valencia.

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