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This PREP workshop is made possible by the NSF grant DUE: 0089005

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Accessing Geometer's Sketchpad

Local Access:
Please check and see if you have GSP on your local network. Local network access is, of course, the easy option for accessing GSP. Even if you have local network access, please read on about to find out about the Workshop Guide


Download an Instructor's Evaluation Edition:
You can easily download an Instructor's Evaluation Edition. Go to

We have both done this and it is easy to do. We suggest that you check NO when prompted:

     I would like to receive Key Curriculum Press and Sketchpad information by e-mail:

After you sign in, they send you an email with the following address for download:

There are three possible downloads on this page.

1) The pdf Sketchpad Workshop Guide. Please save this on your hard drive. It is 55 pages long and we have an assignment for you that will refer to several pages of it (so you can print just those pages).

2) Download Sketchpad Version 4.04D for Macintosh®

3) Download Sketchpad Version 4.04D for Microsoft® Window

If you have any problems downloading the appropriate version of the actual sketchpad, please let us know.

Introductory Comments/Activity to Geometer's Sketchpad

To familiarize yourself with GSP, please do Tours #1 - #5 (pages 1 - 17) in the
GSP Workshop Guide. If you need help, please email the whole list and share your issues. Maria or Sandy (our GSP experts) will respond, of course, anyone else may also respond.

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