Student-Drawn Math Art Posters
Brewster Christenson Moritz Murray Friderich 1
Nichols 1 Nichols 2 Regan Stone Friderich 2
Lissy Perez Nelson Stevens McArthur

Desription of Math Art Posters
On a Cayley table for addition, mod n, the equivalence classes have been represented using colored designs. Horizontal and vertical reflections of the table are then tiled together to make a reflection poster two tables wide and two tables high. Rotation combinations or simple repetitions of the original table also make interesting visual images.
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Mathematics 392
This course is offered by
Dr. Laurie Burton, Mathematics Department
Western Oregon University
Students in this course create a variety of posters by drawing the four poster tables by hand. All of these ideas are from original papers by Forseth & Troutman, for example:

Forseth, S; Troutman, A. "Designs Exhibiting Mathematical Structure," School Science and Mathematics, Volume 74, December 1974

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