Create a mathematical mosaic, then reflect and rotate it to make quilt-like patterns. The patterns can be saved as bitmap files.The quilts are made from Cayley tables, which show the results of combining elements in a set using various operations. The resulting symmetrical patterns illustrate the sets' mathematical properties. The following tables can be made :

    Addition mod n (shown at left)
    Multiplication mod n
    Dihedral groups D3 and D4
    Direct sums Z2+Z2, Z2+Z2+Z2 and Z2+Z3
    Quaternion group Q8

Download CayleyQuilter Setup (zip archive : - 112 kb)

CayleyQuilter for Windows Installation Instructions :

1. Extract (unzip) CQSetup.exe from this zip archive to a folder on your hard drive.

2. Run CQSetup.exe by double-clicking it.

3. After installation, you may delete CQSetup.exe and this zip archive.

The program will install itself in the "Program Files" directory on the drive containing Windows. If no such directory exists, one will be created. A shortcut is placed on the start menu - look under "Start->Programs->CayleyQuilter."

To uninstall CayleyQuilter, run the uninstall program from the start menu and follow the instructions on the screen.

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