Math 495.595
Winter 2012
Dr. Laurie Burton

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A Green Approach to Paper Use

Please refer to your course syllabus and course schedule electronically.

The syllabus is posted below and will not change--you can access it here any time you wish to refer to the class policies.

The homework schedule is likely to change, refer to it regularly and do not print--you are likely to end up with an out of date version.

Required Texts and Materials
Coursepack: Available WOU Bookstore January, 2012
Graphing Calculator: A TI-83 or TI-84 is highly recommended. A TI-89 or equivalent may not be used on exams or quizzes.
Quiz Blue Book (8 ½” x 11” required by the second day of class, 1/11/12)

Grade books for 495 Winter 2012 are kept on Moodle . Log in with your usual student user name and password or log into the WOU Portal and use the Moodle link there.

Paperwork and General Information

Math 495.595 Syllabus, Burton, Winter 2012 (includes learning outcomes)

WOU Policy on Academic Dishonesty