Math 253
Spring 2013
Dr. Laurie Burton

Required Materials
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251/252 Handouts
WebAssign (class code: wou 2937 0678)

A Green Approach to Paper Use

Please refer to your course syllabus and notebook directions electronically.

The posted syllabus will not change--you can access it here any time you wish to refer to the class policies.

Required Texts and Materials
Text: Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, 4th ed. +WebAssign, James Stewart (ISBN: 9780538796859)

WebAssign Access Code: Books purchased from the WOU Bookstore come with the WebAssign access code. Otherwise, you must purchase a code online. If you have a current WebAssign access code (for the 4th edition of the text), you may continue to use your existing access code. See page 7 of the WebAssign Student Guide for instructions on using an existing WebAssign account.

  Note: You may purchase an access code online that comes with an electronic copy of the text, which you can use in place of the hardcopy text if you wish. Many students prefer to have a hard copy text available as well.
Graphing Calculator: A TI-83 or TI-84 is highly recommended. A TI-89 or equivalent may not be used on exams or quizzes.
  Note: The WOU Bookstore also rents calculators
253 Notebook Page turn in holder: See 253 Notebook Directions

Paperwork and General Information

Math 253 Syllabus, Burton, Spring 2013

Math 253 Notebook Directions, Burton, Spring 2013

Math 253 Master Schedule, Burton, Spring 2013

WOU Policy on Academic Dishonesty

251 Handouts

Trig Identities

Basic Derivative Rules

Inverse Trig Functions and Derivatives

Log Properties and Derivatives

252 Handouts

Table of Indefinite Integrals

Partial Fractions

Trig Integrals

Integral Tables

Improper Integrals