Math 211
Spring Term 2013
Dr. Laurie Burton

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Tutoring: There is free Math 211 tutoring in the Math Tutoring Center (HL 228). See for specific 211-212-213 tutoring hours. Other tutors in the tutor center may also be able to help you with Math 211, but it is not guaranteed.

A Green Approach to Paper Use

Please refer to your course syllabus and course schedule electronically.

The posted syllabus will not change--you can access it here any time you wish to refer to the class policies.

The homework schedule is a work in progress and will change; refer to it regularly and do not print--you are likely to end up with an out of date version if you print.

Note: This four item package (two texts, one kit and online homework (Connect) access) will be used for all of Math 211, 212 and 213. They only need to be purchased one time for the year sequence. Eighth edition texts are no longer valid for this course. The WOU Bookstore sells complete four item packages; purchasing individual items at other locations may lead to a higher overall cost.
Text 1:
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach, Bennett, Burton and Nelson, Ninth Edition, McGraw Hill, 2012
Text 2:
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: An Activity Approach, Bennett, Burton and Nelson, Ninth Edition, McGraw Hill, 2012
Kit 3:

Manipulative Kit: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: Manipulative Kit, Bennett, Burton and Nelson, Ninth Edition, McGraw Hill, 2012, packaged with your texts.

Online HW 4:

Connect Homework: Online homework access through the Connect website is required. Use the Burton-Connect link above to register with an access code or credit card.

Calculator 5:

A scientific calculator with at least the capabilities of a T. I. – 83 is required for the 211-213-213 course series. A T. I. – 83 or 84 is highly recommended.

 Note: The WOU Bookstore also rents calculators

Virtual Manipulatives (VMK)

Bennett, Burton and Nelson Virtual Manipulative Kit


Math 211 Syllabus, Burton, Spring 2013

Math 211 Lecture Outlines (print your own copy) (1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.3 - 5.1) (1.3, 2.2a, 2.2b)

WOU Policy on Academic Dishonesty


Common Core State Standards

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Home

NCTM Lessons and Resources

Both of the texts used for the 211, 212, 213 series integrate the use and study of the NCTM Standards.

In Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach In Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: An Activity Approach


Logging in to Connect for Math 211

  1. Go the Burton Math 211 Spring 2013 specific Connect link
  2. Click the “Register Now” button.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Enter your access code (with your new book), select “Buy Online” (only if you have a used book and intend to purchase Connect access) or select “Start Free Trial” if you don’t have an access code (if, for example, you don't have your new book yet).
  5. Complete the registration form. Click “Submit.”

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