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Texts: Algebra and Trigonometry with Modeling & Visualization , 4e. Text packaged with MyMathLab access. ISBN 0321568014

Calculator:A scientific calculator with at least the capabilities of a T. I. – 83 is required for this course. A T. I. – 83 or 84 is highly

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Free Tutoring for Math 111 students

Setting the Correlation Coefficient on your TI 83 or 84 calculator

I typed in TI 84 correlation coefficient at Google and found this page: TI 83-84 Troubleshooting

This is the information from that page:

For some reason, your TI-83/84 comes from the factory configured not to display correlation coefficients. You need to make a one-time mode setting so that these are displayed in future regressions:

  1. Press [2nd] [CATALOG] (the shifted [0] key).
  2. To move to the beginning of the Dís, press the [x-1] key. (A green D is printed above that key. Do not press the green [ALPHA] key first, because the CATALOG command automatically puts the TI-83/84 in alpha mode.)
  3. Use the arrow keys to move to DiagnosticOn.
  4. Press [ENTER] to select the command, and [ENTER] again to execute it.

You donít need to re-enter your regression command. Just press [2nd] [ENTER] and [2nd] [ENTER] again to recall it, then [ENTER] to execute it.

Ideas for Math 111 Success

Before you do your homework

1. Carefully read your textbook, there is a lot of valuable information in your book. Skim read the current section before class and read the current section thoroughly after class.

2. Get out pencil and paper and work out the example problems given in the text sections. Follow along with their presentations; make sure you understand each step and for all calculator steps, make sure you are getting the same thing on your personal calculator.

Doing your homework

3. Start by re-reading the text section, looking over your notes on text examples and by looking over your class notes. Are there steps that don't make sense to you? Cross reference between the text and your class notes; can you figure these steps out? If not, do you have a study partner that you can ask?

4. Carefully do all of the odd homework questions in the homework assignment. Follow along with the examples in the book and in your class notes. Don't try to recreate the wheel and figure out everything yourself. Don't try to just "remember" all of the details. Use your resources!

After you have made every attempt to solve an odd question, look at the solution in the Student Solution Manual. Did you get the correct solution? Are there techniques in the SSM solution that you didn't use that could be helpful? Is your solution as complete as the SSM solution? Go back and fix your solutions to be as complete and correct as possible.

5. Do the even homework questions. Carefully read the question and refer to the odd problems you just did. Once your understand what you are supposed to do, solve the question. When you are finished, make sure you have a complete answer, reread the question. Did you answer all that was asked?

Getting help

6. Study Groups: Working in a study group is an ideal way to get and give help with Math 111. Often you will find you need help with one question, but are able to share ideas and help about another question. When you work in a study group, you should attempt to work all of the problems out on your own before discussing the ideas with your group. Don't copy down ideas that others share-discuss, understand and create your own learning.

7. After you have completed your general homework assignment, complete your Mastery homework question. Be very careful in your presentation as well as with your solution. Refer to your general Mastery homework question directions to make sure you are correctly presenting the solution to the question.

8. Free Tutoring in the Advising and Learning Center, APS 401, drop by for details.

9. Office Hours: Take advantage of your instructor office hours. Our goal is to help you. Burton Office Hours


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