Math 105: Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics


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Course Text: "The Heart of Mathematics, An Invitation to Effective Thinking," second edition, Edward B. Burger and Michael Starbird, Key College Press.

Check the WOU Bookstore for used copies of "The Heart of Mathematics."

Note from syllabus:

Quiz 1: Thursday, July 5 (15% of course grade)

Makeup quizzes will only be available in the case of documented emergency. Prior notification and my agreement are required. My voice mail and email are always on; there is no excuse for not contacting me prior to missing a quiz (in all but the most extreme circumstances). Mathematics 105 is offered six times during the academic year at WOU and is also available at many other OUS institutions. If you are planning on missing class on Thursday, July 5 for an extended July 4 event, you should reschedule and take Mathematics 105 during a different academic term.

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