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Pre-Dental Preparation


Advisor:  Sarah Boomer

Email:  boomers@wou.edu

Phone:  (503) 838-8209

FAX:  (503) 838-8072


Dental School Requirement and WOU Degrees

The following guide best addresses many School of Dentistry but some programs do have unique requirements that students are responsible for reviewing. 


Dental school admission is continent on several things, including GPA, DAT (a major evaluation tool), writing/personal statement, documented professional experience, and specific coursework.  Although there is no single degree that pre-dental students are required to earn, most pursue Biology degrees with chemistry or physical science minors because these best match classes that facilitate passage of the DAT.  The DAT covers advanced biology (30% material beyond 200-level biology) and advanced chemistry (200, 300, and 400 level series), which takes 3 solid years to accumulate.  In general, the recommended biology degree plan below allows students to take all DAT-relevant courses during their first 3 years, and complete other courses during their fourth year – when they are engaged in the actual application process.  Please note that not all LACC’s are included in this matrix and students need to schedule them accordingly.







Biology 211

Biology 212

Biology 213


Chemistry 221

Chemistry 222

Chemistry 223


Complete Math 111 and 243;  Complete Writing 135






Biology 314/Genetics

Biology 315/Cell

Biology 316/Evolution


Chemistry 334

Chemistry 335

Chemistry 336


Complete Physics 201-3 during year or over summer.






Biology 334/Human A&P

Biology 335/Human A&P

Biology 336/Human A&P Biology 331/Microbiology


Chemistry 450

Chemistry 451



Before end of spring term, you need the following done:

Select/approve 3 faculty for recommendation letters, 1 outside Biology

Take DAT so if you want to retake in August, there is time*

Plan your final year carefully and complete graduation forms with advisor.


 *ADA recently adopted “3 Strikes/Out Policy” on policy – be careful!






Biology 357/Ecology

Complete 1 Field Core: Biology 317, 321, or 451

Complete Advanced Elective



Popular Dental Programs that WOU Alumni Have or Are Attending

Virtually all require students apply via the national application service, see link in next section.


National Dental Association Links

Several cheaper DAT study guides available – search Amazon.com etc.


Other WOU Advising Resources You Should Know About

Academic Advising and Learning Center:  general coursework planning, AP401 (8-8428)

Financial Aid Office:  financial aid questions, AD310 (8-8475)

Student Health and Counseling Center:  personal, SH101 (8-8801)

Office of Student Affairs: communicating emergencies, Debbie Diehm (8-8221, diehmd@wou.edu)