Welcome to the Webpage of  Dr. Sarah Boomer

Department of Biology, Western Oregon University
345 Monmouth Ave., Monmouth, Oregon 97361
Office NSM 221, (503) 838-8209;  FAX (503) 838-8072
email:  boomers@wou.edu
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Pre-Dental Hygiene Advising Page

Pre-Dental Advising Information


Dr. Boomer is on sabbatical Fall 2017, sometimes with very limited email.



* She will be here Nov 6-10 to hold advising appointments, and meet with students.

* She will teach BI 331 (Biology Majors Micro) in winter.

* She will teach BI 432 (Immunology) in winter.

* BI 318 WILL NOT be offered winter.

* BI 318 WILL be offered FALL 2017, SPRING 2018, and SUMMER 2018!





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Current Research

Boomer Policy Statement


Red Layer Research Projects

Biofilm Publication

RLMO Publication


Recent or Seminal Poster Presentations

Biology Placement Test Appendix

NABT 2016 Biology 211 Retention

NABT 2016 Biology Placement Testing

AMS-CUE 2013 Active Learning in Biology 211

AMS-CUE 2012 Active Learning in Biology 211

ASM-CUE 2009 Metabolism Modeling





Recommendation Letter Requests – Boomer Policies

  1. To write the best/strongest letter possible, I should have had you in more than one class (where you earned a C or better) and/or you are a long-term advisee (2 years or more).
  2. New letters take 3 weeks (starting from the time I confirm your request and receive ALL of the following materials);  summer requests must be approved by the middle of June or you will wait until fall term.
  3. All requests must be accompanied by a formal WOU-Portal request;  this is the only “legal” way I can access and talk about your records.
  4. You also will have to provide a short “resume” that highlights things like:  work/job experience, extra-curricular activities/leadership, volunteerism – preferably relevant to your goals.
  5. You NEED to provide a clear due date and address(es) for your letter(s).  If you don’t, I will have to write a “to whom it may concern” letter and these never come across well/strong.
  6. Finally, you need to tell me what the outcome of the application was.  All Biology Faculty want to hear whether things worked out or not – either to congratulate you, or to help you with the next step.