Winter 2012
Syllabus - REVISED

This course is being heavily revised this year; some lecture materials will be available a week in advance of class.

Unit One
Intro Notes, PPT
Cell Notes, PPT
Chemotroph Notes, PPT
Phototroph Notes, PPT
Genetics Notes, PPT
Control Notes, PPT
Flora/Nosocomidals Notes, PPT
Superbugs Video Questions

Unit Two
Immunology Notes, PPT
Virulence, STD Notes, PPT
Vaccines, PPT
Protozoa, PPT
Viruses I, PPT
Viruses II, PPT
Viruses III, PPT
Possible Video - Viruses

Formal Writing Reports
Nitrogen Paper AND Questions
Drug Paper AND Questions
Applied Paper AND Questions
Campy I and Campy II AND Questions
Immuno Paper AND Questions
Vaccine Video Questions

Introduction, PPT
Nitrogen Cycle, PPT
Evolution/Antibacterials, PPT
Applied/Gram Positives, PPT
Food/Feces Gram Negatives, PPT
Immuno-Diagnostics, PPT
DNA/16S Techniques, NO PPT (ALL BOARD NOTES!!!!)

Biology 331 will be offered again in Spring 2012

Biology 331/Winter 2012 - Microbiology
For all biology majors and major tracks; this is the only microbiology course that satisfies the Biology Major Core.


The Joy Of Microbiology Lincoln and his nitrogen fixation project


Sarah Boomer, copyright 2012