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Benjamin Bishop

NTT Assistant Professor of English/Writing/Linguistics


Course schedule: Fall 2015
10380 WR135 COLLEGE WRITING II MW 1000-1150 HSS 109
10249 ENG105 INTRO TO DRAMA MW 1600-1750 HSS 332
10382 WR135 COLLEGE WRITING II MW 1200-1350 HSS 236



PhD, University of California, Irvine. Comparative Literature.




"Metonymy and the Dense Cosmos of Bleak House." Studies in English Literature. 54.4 (2014)

Special Issue of S: Journal of the Circle for Lacanian Ideology Critique on Topology and Psychoanalysis, Editor. Vol. 5 (2013)

"Reading Backwards: Constructing God the Impossible in Psychoanalysis and the Challenge of Islam." S: Journal of the Circle

for Lacanian Ideology Critique. Vo. 2 (2009)

Recent Courses

WR 135: Plato's Impossible City

ENG 105: Oedupus: Reverse Tragedies in Classical and Modern Drama

ENG 104: 10 Days, 1000 Nights, and a Night: Cosmos and Pleasure in the Decameron and the Arabian Nights

ENG 104: Eros and Chance in the Ancient Novel

ENG 105: Justice and Eros in Classical and Renaissance Drama


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