MTH351     Introductory Numerical Analysis

Instructor: Hamid Behmard

Office: MNB 119, phone: 838-8869,  email:

Office Hours: 10:00-11:30 Mon, Wed, Fri; 1:00-2:00 Fri; other times by appointment.

Text: Elementary Numerical Analysis, 3rd Edition, by Kendall Atkinson & Weimin Han.

Who: This class is intended for students who are majored in mathematics/Computer Science.

Goal: We will cover selected topics from chapters 1-5.

Homework and Programming: You will be assigned homework almost every class day. I will collect your homework weekly. There will also be several computer programs using Matlab.

Exams: There will be three in class exams, Exam I on January 29, Exam II on February 26, and Exam III on March 18 at 12:00.

There is no make-up for missed exams. You may make-up one set of homework as long as I haven't started grading it.

     Homework    40%
     Exams           60% (@ 20% each)

Grades will be assigned (roughly) according to the following scale ("+" and "-" will be determined later):
             A   90-100%
             B   80-89%
             C   70-79%
             D   60-69%
             F   30-59%

Where to get help:

General guidelines for success:

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

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