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Ted Beers

NTT Instructor of Computer Science Division


Course schedule: Summer 2018
No courses found for Summer 2018.

General Guidance

  • Information Systems Pathways
  • "Add" form or "substitution" form? See your instructor or advisor with completed form
  • Advising? Prepare your online Roadmap, then attend a group advising meeting;
    otherwise, see your advisor
  • Personal request? Submit it at the top of your Moodle course page (if available)

    Appointment Request

  • Enter your full name, V#, and email address (e.g. "Jon Doe V00314159")
  • Arrive during the first 15 minutes of the appointment time
  • Ready? Start your request

    Extra Support

  • Unforeseen or lengthy absence? Complete a Student Absence Form
  • Listening/reading/speaking English? Contact the English Tutoring Center
  • ...Also, with instructor's OK you may use during tests a WOU English translator/dictionary
  • Writing? Consider the Writing Center
  • Academics? Get help from the Academic Advising and Learning Center
  • Cheap textbooks fast? Besides the usual online sources, try the ASWOU Book Exchange at the WOU Portal

    Term References

  • Moodle Dashboard | WOU Portal
  • DegreeWorks, Rosters, Holds
  • Computer Science Home
  • Real Time Class Availability
  • Academic Calendar

  • Contact

    Phone: (503)838-9226 | E-mail: | Website: