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         C. Beaver, Fall 2017

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Assignments & Due Dates

* course schedule and assignments subject to change - check back often

Due Date
Look at the Standards for Mathematical Practice 6-8 and write up a short summary of how we used those practices when solving the Traffic Jam problem 9/26 @ beginning of class
Assigned Reading and entry in reading log - see our class Moodle page for specific instructions and upload your assignment there 9/28 @ beginning of class
Documentation of at least two hours work on your group modeling project 10/2 @ beginning of class
1-2 page Modeling Report, Modeling presentation 10/6 @ beginning of class
Reflection paper 10/9 @ 4:30pm

Choose 1 HS Standard from the Common Core Standards. Write a problem that satisfies the standard and find 2 additional problems/activites from 2 different web resources. Explain how each problem meets your chosen standard and give the URL for the sites you used (be sure to state the problems/ summarize the activities as well).

10/10 @ beginning of class
CCSSM Connections Assignment 10/16 @ 4:30pm
Watch Video/ Reading log (See class Moodle page) 10/15 @ 11:55pm
Delete the textbook assignment (See class Moodle page) 10/16 @ beginning of class
Reading and Reading log (see Moodle page) 10/17 @ 4:30pm
Word Problems 1 HWK 10/20 @ 4:30pm
5-Practices Practice 10/24 @ 4:30pm
Word Problems. Choose 2 of the problems (different from the problem you presented) and write up the solutions carefully and clearly. You may not ask questions of the group who presented the problem. 10/26 @ 4:30pm
Go to and enter class code HBZTK 11/1 @ 4:30pm
Midterm 11/6 @ 4:30pm
Triangle GSP problem 11/10 @ 4:30pm
Reading and Reading log (see Moodle page) 11/13 @ beginning of class
Fibonacci Worksheet 11/13 @ 4:30 pm
Proof 11/15 @ 4:30pm
Algebra Pieces assignment 11/21 @ 4:30pm