Math 396 Scoring Homework #1

1. Review “Student Work Paper 2: Chocolates” [This was handed out at the end of Friday's class and is also available to download here.]

2. Score the student's solution using the official Mathematics Problems Scoring Guide by following the process used in the workshop.

3. Due Monday 10/8/12 at the beginning of class: On a separate piece of paper, write your score for each dimension with your reasons for each score. Be sure that your reasons refer to the descriptions in the scoring guide. Your reasons should follow a similar format as the “commentaries” that we reviewed in the workshop and are available here.

4.  Email (; subject line: MTH 396 Workshop Feedback) by 11:59pm Monday your response to these 3 questions:

a.) What changes could be made to make this more helpful?

b.)  What did you find most useful?

c.)  Is there something you'd like to know more about?