Math 396
Fall 2012
Oregon Scoring Training and Resources

OCTM (Oregon Council of Teacher of Mathematics)

OCTM Membership page (see paragraph three about student memberships)

Comments from our presenter Winnie: "Inexpensive and looks good on your resume, today's teacher evaluations include not just what goes on in a lesson or class, but professionalism, too."

Oregon Scoring Guide Workshop Materials

Slides with web references (coming)
Chocolates (hard copies passed out during the workshop)
Problem Solving Task:
Chocolates task
Student work:
Chocolates_Student_1  Chocolates_Student_3  Chocolates_Student_4
Scoring Commentaries
Commentary Student 1 Commentary Student 3 Commentary Student 4
Scoring Homework:

Score student work 2 and write a detailed explanation about why you gave those scores in the style of the Commentaries above.

Be sure to support your explanation using terms from the Oregon Scoring Guide.

Grandpa's Farm (hard copies passed out during the workshop )
Problem Solving Task:
Grandpa's Farm task
Student work
Scoring Guides (hard copies passed out during the workshop)
  Introduction to the Scoring Guide
  Student Problem Solving Tips
  Mathematics Problem Solving Official Scoring Guide 2011 - 2012
  Mathematics PS Scoring Guide: Plain Language Student Version 2011 - 2012
Referencee Materials
Legal Reasons for a Scoring Guide Summary
  Scoring Form        
  HS Math Work Sample Guidelines