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Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics

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         C. Beaver, Fall 2013, Class Meets MTWF 12-12:50 pm MNB 130

Course Materials

Text: The Heart of Mathematics with Wiley Plus; Author: Burger & Starbird; Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9781118556825

Wiley Plus: To register for the Wiley Plus online homework follow this link: Wiley Plus Course Page.


Course Resources


Course Assignments & Due Dates

  Monty Hall "Ask Marilyn" column Exam 1 Review Sheet In class review (Monday) worksheet with Answers In class review ( Tuesday) with answers
    Exam 2 Review Sheet Extra Review Problems for Exam 2 In class reivew for Exam 2 with answers
    Final Review 1 (with solutions) Final Review 2 (with solutions) Final Review 3 (with solutions)

Course Schedule of Assignments & Due Dates

Assignment Due Date
Chapter 1 Online HWK
Thurs. 10/3 midnight
Extra Credit Penny Trick
Wed. 10/9 (beginning of class)
8.1 Worksheet for discussion at the beginning of class Wed. 10/9
Chapter 8.1 Online HWK Thurs. 10/10 midnight
Chapter 8.2 Part 1 Online HWK Tues. 10/15 midnight
Chapter 8.2 Part 2 Online HWK Thurs. 10/17 midnight
Chapter 8.4 Part 1 Online HWK Fri. 10/18 midnight
Chapter 8.4 Part 2 Online HWK Mon. 10/21 midnight
Take home Quiz beginning of class Mon. 10/21
Exam 1 Review Sheet
Extra Credit Section 1.4 Mindscape 18 beginning of class Mon. 10/28
In class review (Monday) worksheet with Answers
In class review ( Tuesday) with answers
Section 9.2 Online HWK Thurs. 10/31 midnight
Excel Graphs Quiz
Excel Survey Data for Quiz
Excel basic instructions
Mon. 11/4 beginning of class
Section 9.3 Online HWK Thurs. 11/7 Midnight
Written Homework 1 Fri. 11/8 beginning of class
Section 9.4 Online HWK Mon. 11/11 Midnight
Exam 2 Review Sheet
Extra Review Problems
In Class Review with Answers
Study Aids for Exam 2 given on Wed. 11/13
Section 10.1 Online HWK Thurs. 11/21 Midnight
Quiz Fri. 11/22 on 10.1 only
10.2 Written HWK Tuesday 11/26
Section 10.3 Online HWK Wed. 12/4 midnight
Study for Final Exam! Final Review 1 (with answers) , Final Review 2, (with answers) , Final Review 3 (with answers)

Office Hours Monday December 9, 2013 11-12

Final Exam: Monday December 9, 2013 12-1:50 pm