Erin Baumgartner

Research in Science Education: Vision and Change at WOU

Vision & Change in Undergraduate Biology: A Data Driven Model

BI 101 lab responses
Figure: Student response to laboratory activites prior to and following Vision & Change Alignment.

Over the past five years, the BI 100 instructional team has engaged in the systematic revision of our BI 101 instructional sequence based on student response data. Alignment to Vision & Change beginning in 2011 has made a significant difference in content acquisition, attitudinal change regarding Biology, and overall student perceptions of lab activities. The links below provide more information about our data collection and revision process:

Presentation to 2013 Annual Meeting of National Association of Biology Teachers

Sample Pre-Post Content & Attitude Survey

Sample Laboratory Evaluation Survey

Vision & Change Workshop Resources

Vision & Change- Aligned Jar of Pond (Population Modeling) Lab Sequence