GS 311: Biology for Educators
Teaching Resources

Oregon State Standards by Design
Download customized standards for your grade level of interest

Science Suppliers
Where to order materials that we've used in class

Grants/Funding Opportunities
Links to sites that provide information about grants for science teachers

National Science Teachers Association Website
Resources for all science teachers-
Check out Science & Children, the NSTA Elementary science journal!

National Association of Biology Teachers Website
Resources specifically for biology teachers

National Marine Educators Association
For anyone teaching about the world of water-fresh or salt
Check out the Bridge link to find all kinds of teaching ideas for many topics

Oregon Parks & Recreation: Natural Resources
Great resources for field trips and information about Oregon's unique environments,
Also the place for information on getting collecting permits

Picturing Science Website
Information about and examples of projects combining scientific, language, and visual literacy
We viewed the painting, The Gulf Stream, by Winslow Homer

Eric Carle Website
The homepage of the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Check out how Mr. Carle makes his unique nature-inspired artwork

Animal Diversity Web
This University of Michigan website is a good place to find out about many different kinds of animals
and a helpful resource for classification and taxonomy exercises

Understanding Evolution
This UC-Berkeley website has a ton of information about evolution for educators and students

The Edible Schoolyard
Information about a project combining ecology, nutrition, and community service

United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data Laboratory
Get nutritional information about different foods, including our fruits and vegetables

USDA Nutrition site
Links to MyPyramid and resources for teachers, students, & families

OPIHI Project
Intertidal sampling project with classroom activities, guides to sampling techniques, and field trip ideas

Planet Earth
The Discovery Channel link to resources related to the Planet Earth series, including ordering information