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Michael Baltzley

Associate Professor of Biology


Michael Baltzley directory photo
Office Hours: Spring 2017
3 - 5 p.m.  1 - 3 p.m.10 - 11 a.m.


Course schedule: Spring 2017
30616 BI213L LAB:PRIN OF BIOLOGY T 1030-1320 NS 204
30617 BI213L LAB:PRIN OF BIOLOGY T 1400-1650 NS 204
30614 BI213 PRIN OF BIOLOGY MTWF 0900-0950 NS 103
30606 BI434L LAB:COMP VERT PHYS W 1400-1650 NS 006
30613 BI213 PRIN OF BIOLOGY MTWF 0800-0850 NS 103
30581 BI434 COMP ANIMAL PHYS MWF 1300-1350 OPE 203






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Broadly, I am interested in how nervous systems evolve to create novel behavioral patterns. I have studied locomotion in nudibranch gastropods (sea slugs) and sensory neurons in leeches. My research involves quantifying animal behavioral patterns in different species, identifying neurons that underlie those behaviors, and comparing the features of those neurons in different species. Below is a link to the current projects I am working on. If you are interested in gaining research experience studying invertebrate behavior and nervous systems, please come talk to me!

Current projects



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Following is my teaching schedule for the next two academic years

BI 211 Principles of Biology I: Fall 2013, Fall 2014
BI 213 Principles of Biology III: Spring 2014, Spring 2015
BI 315 Cell Biology: Winter 2014, Winter 2015
BI 324 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy: Fall 2014
BI 434 Comparative Vertebrate Physiology: Spring 2015
BI 437 Neurobiology: Spring 2014

For descriptions and past course syllabuses, please click here.


Phone: (503)838-8832 | E-mail: | Website: