Review of Act 1 Stone Deaf Play:


Section 1: Narrator


Affect seemed a little mechanical, could me more relaxed.

“Three Different Issues” is that equivalent?

“Struggle on which way” felt a little awkward in English.


Section 2: Debate


Affect for ASL character can be even more casual and have greater contrast to Methodical Character.  We liked the decision to have the methodical signer sound mechanical and the natural signer sound natural in English, we just thought the contrast between the two could be even greater.


Methodical character started more mechanical but wasn’t maintained.


“Ugh” vs. “grrrrr” our group was split on which matched the character.


Section 3: Narrator


COOL = “that’s how it should be” – is that equivalent?


Section 4: Living Room


“I have a question.” – Does that fit the casualness of the situation?

Affect of male character could be more effective and accurate.  We couldn’t hear that he was excited about Martha’s Vineyard or his coffee shop, wanted more enthusiasm. 


“I go there often” – Does that match the character’s affect and the casualness of the situation?


“Oh it’s really cool that everyone signs there.” – Is that equivalent to this character’s message?


Section 5: Narrator


“And now here’s Charles Darwin.” – We wanted to hear more disdain in the translation and this phrase felt a little awkward.


Section 6: Darwin


Affect for Darwin character could be more effective and accurate; we wanted to hear more passion and emotion in his speech.


Word choice: “soul” vs “spirit”


For the women who are supporting Darwin’s perspective the tone of their voices didn’t seem to match their body language.